During the current 2015-2016 academic year, the Wood Enterprise Institute has taken on an ambitious challenge to lead a project that is quite different from past years.  This year’s 17 member WEI team includes a diverse mix of students who bring many perspectives to the project and work together very well to meet their project challenges.  The group has come to acquire a unique piece of Virginia Tech history, the wood from a 314 white oak tree from Virginia Tech’s Grove (the home of President Sands).  The tree died in 2014 due to a root disease and was acquired for an urban forestry project on campus. The goal of this project is to determine if historical wood can be utilized to best reflect its unique value in an elegant way that “gives back” to Virginia Tech.

This material features over 4 feet wide complete slab lumber that has lived through important historical events such as the birth of our nation, the establishment of Virginia Tech, and much more!  This year, the WEI team plans to play a role in the urban forestry project to design and craft 3 or 4 custom live-edge tables to showcase how history and location of a unique tree can increase the value of the products produced.

table story.pdf See the story of this unique piece