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The mission of the Departmental extension program at Virginia Tech is to serve Virginia citizens and businesses that work with and use wood and other sustainable biomaterials. Our extension and outreach faculty work with people and groups through education in the efficient manufacture and sustainable use of a variety of products in the business and management realm, in Lean manufacturing of many different products, and in "green", sustainable enterprise, particularly associated with the region and the countries' sustainable biomaterials and forest resources.

Headshot of Brian H. Bond
Brian H. Bond

Professor Brian H. Bond, Ph.D., serves as a professor and extension specialist in the area of wood products. His focus is on improving the sustainable use and manufacturing of wood products. He has fifteen years experience in wood drying, sawmill performance, and the performance of wood products (flooring, furniture, etc.). He also has an interest in training preparing students to take on leadership roles in the area of natural resources and is assistant director of the College of Natural Resources Leadership Institute. The goal of the institute is to equip students with the skills and tools needed to solve critical problems facing society in the management and utilization of our natural resources and in stewardship of the environment. Contact Information:, (540) 231-8752.

Headshot of Urs K. Buehlman, Ph.D.
Urs Buehlmann

Professor Urs Buehlmann works in the area of manufacturing systems engineering and business competitiveness. His activities also address issues relating to globalization. He teaches secondary wood products manufacturing. He is a member of the Sloan Foundation Forest Industries Center, an Adjunct Professor at Université Laval, a member of the board of WoodLINKS USA, and a member of the education committee of the Association of Woodworking and Furnishing Suppliers (AWFS). Urs moved to Virginia Tech in 2007 from Enkeboll Designs, where he was General Manager. Contact information:, (540) 231-9759.