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The mission of the Departmental extension program at Virginia Tech is to serve Virginia citizens and businesses that work with and use wood and other sustainable biomaterials. Our extension and outreach faculty work with people and groups through education in the efficient manufacture and sustainable use of a variety of products in the business and management realm, in Lean manufacturing of many different products, and in "green", sustainable enterprise, particularly associated with the region and the countries' sustainable biomaterials and forest resources.




Meaningful and mutually beneficial collaborations with partners and stakeholders outside the academic community. This may include associates like those in education, business, and public and social service. Includes aspects of:

  • Service that directly benefits the community
  • Teaching that enables learning beyond the campus walls
  • Research that makes what we discover functional beyond the academic community

We aim to increase the living standards of the citizens of the Commonwealth and the Nation by improving the competitiveness of businesses and by helping people in their use of wood and other sustainable biomaterials. By providing educational opportunities and resources to large and small businesses, consumers, and educators, we enable them to better utilize wood and sustainable products and help manage our valuable renewable and forest resources.

Information on the proper use of renewable materials and regarding sustainable enterprise is provided to consumers so that they may understand the how best to run competitive and efficient businesses particularly related to natural resources and the environment, and the use of renewable materials. Instructional materials are provided to educators to improve the understanding energy efficient and sustainable operations ranging from small business manufacturing to Lean industrial management in large industries. Our vision is to be a national leader in educational programming through our continuing education workshops.





Involvement of undergraduate students?

Undergraduate students may also be involved in research and outreach/engagement projects with faculty and gain valuable additional experience in almost any area of our program.

We are always interested in including undergraduate students in our research/outreach programs. Please contact the Department for information on exciting employment opportunities in our program.


Below are links to both Outreach and Research organizations that our Faculty members and Department work with and collaborate with:

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