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Sustainable Biomaterials Faculty and Staff August 2022

Sustainable Biomaterials Faculty and Staff August 2022

Industrial Ecology Collegiate Assistant Professor

  • Focus on cutting-edge teaching
  • Deliver education in life cycle analysis, material flow analysis, industrial symbiosis and eco-design

Packaging Collegiate Assistant Professor

  • Focus on cutting-edge teaching
  • Deliver education in computer-aided design in packaging, packaging manufacturing and automation, and specialty packaging

Ph.D. Research Assistantship

Scholarship of Teaching and
Learning in Bio-based
Materials Education

What is the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials (SBIO) all about?

For society to solve issues around climate change, species extinction, plastic pollution, and other related issues, graduates must be able to evaluate problems, and solutions, quantitatively and accurately. A Sustainable Biomaterials (SBIO) degree equips students to construct hypotheses, carry out investigations, and interpret data. SBIO students, however, are trained to understand the materials that comprise plants and other sources of biopolymers, and they are trained to understand the nature of renewable, sustainable materials, as well as a circular economy and life cycle assessment. Students in the SBIO degree have some advantages as they explore careers.  Our SBIO degrees can prepare a student to directly enter careers in companies that produce materials that wish to do so more sustainably; these days that would include almost every company that is a materials producer or user. Such careers might entail work in a laboratory or manufacturing area, but they might also entail combining sustainability/materials technical knowledge with the people skills acquired at VT including in experiential learning to be able to interact effectively with customers. At the same time, the skill set developed in SBIO at VT is also good preparation for a STEM graduate degree. Having earned such a graduate degree, students can look forward to a career in industry, academia, government, or beyond, with enhanced independence and responsibility.


Sustainable Biomaterials B.S. Degree

A field with great career opportunities where you can make a difference. There is a growing need to make products more “green” and renewable resources such as wood and other biomaterials provide a natural way to design and build innovative and sustainable products for our future.  

Packaging Systems and Design Degree

If you are looking for a creative, interesting, and always changing field, then you are needed in Packaging Systems and Design. Packaging design includes many different aspects of the use of sustainable materials and biomaterials in packaging for transportation, storage, and delivery of products.

Alumni Showcase

Jessie Arevalo

Jessie Arevalo
Jessie Arevalo

Looking back at my freshman year and the plans I had set out for myself, I find myself lucky to have come across the Packaging Systems and Design program. During my freshman spring semester, after being introduced to the program and the curriculum during the VT Major’s Fair, I took my first class in the program, CAD in Packaging.  Learn more about Jessie here.

Joy Mendoza
Joy Mendoza

Joy appreciates the small class sizes, in our department, which have helped her develop relationships with her classmates and professors. She says “on top of that, the hands-on learning embedded in the curriculum has always been super helpful, providing that opportunity for real-world application and working with professionals for class projects.”

Read more about Joy here.

Learn more about SBIO

Laszlo Horvath, Asst Professor of Practice, and students, Sustainable Biomaterials, Brooks Forest Products Center. Pallets and packaging.

Dorina Bugledits

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SBIO Main office

310 West Campus Drive
230 Cheatham Hall (0323)
Blacksburg, VA  24061
Phone: (540) 231-8853

Brooks Forest Products Center

1650 Research Center Drive (0503)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
Phone: (540) 231-7107
Fax: (540) 231-8868