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Sustainable biomaterials professor honored for creating the future of wood science

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What is the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials (SBIO) all about?

The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials provides instruction, research, and outreach across a broad range of environmentally related materials, products, and systems. A particular strength is instruction and research in the use of natural, renewable resources to produce innovative materials in a sustainable manner. Our vision statement is “a world without waste, through the advancement of regenerative materials, products, and systems.”  We design and build innovative and sustainable products, buildings, packaging, and other materials while minimizing waste and extends beyond physical and technological boundaries.

Sustainable Biomaterials Degree

A field with great career opportunities where you can make a difference. There is a growing need to make products more “green” and renewable resources such as wood and other biomaterials provide a natural way to design and build innovative and sustainable products for our future.  

Packaging Systems and Design Degree

If you are looking for a creative, interesting, and always changing field, then you are needed in Packaging Systems and Design. Packaging design includes many different aspects of the use of sustainable materials and biomaterials in packaging for transportation, storage, and delivery of products.

Alumni Showcase

Tyler Matusevich

Tyler Matusevich
Tyler Matusevich

Since graduating from Virginia Tech’s packaging science program in 2013, I have held multiple positions in the sustainable packaging industry and received a M.S. in Natural Resources from Virginia Tech in 2015. My experience in the packaging program gave me the foundation to pursue my career and enabled me to grow into the position I’m in today. In my role leading sustainability at Brook + Whittle, I get to work across all stakeholders, ranging from developing our sustainability strategy to working on innovative and sustainable label and packaging solutions to help brands meet their ambitious sustainable packaging targets. Packaging is a large industry with a significant environmental footprint that we must solve as quickly as possible. The reality is that we are behind on curbing climate change. However, I’m optimistic with the next generation of packaging students and peers that we can cut emissions at scale to create a sustainable future.  Go Hokies!

Student Showcase

Kevin Mikita
Kevin Mikita

"I chose Virginia Tech because of the beautiful campus, amazing professors, and small-school feel each major creates. The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials in the College of Natural Resources and Environment brings excellent professors and diverse subjects together to create a unique experience for students." Kevin Mikita, SBIO Student

Read more about Kevin here.

Learn more about SBIO

Laszlo Horvath, Asst Professor of Practice, and students, Sustainable Biomaterials, Brooks Forest Products Center. Pallets and packaging.

Dorina Bugledits

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Phone: (540) 231-8853
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Brooks Forest Products Center

1650 Research Center Drive (0503)
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