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Brooks Forest Products Center

Brooks Forest Products Center
Brooks Forest Products Center

Thermal Analysis Laboratory

An instrumentation lab used to determine how molecular structure impacts physical properties in sustainable biomaterials. 225 Cheatham Hall

Contact: Chip Frazier

Plant Polymers

Sustainable biomaterials are prepared here and/or analyzed using wet chemical methods. 235 Cheatham Hall

Contact: Chip Frazier

246 Cheatham Hall Laboratory

A shared materials characterization laboratory for analysis using FT-IR spectrometry, rheometric, and x-ray diffraction instruments. 246 Cheatham Hall

Contact: Audrey Zink-Sharp, Chip FrazierMaren Roman and Kevin Edgar

Microtechniques Laboratory

The study of the macroscopic and microscopic structure and basic chemical composition of biomaterials including wood, grasses, bamboo and bagasse is done in this lab. 224 Cheatham Hall

Contact: Audrey Zink-Sharp

Quantitative Biomaterials Anatomy Laboratory

This lab focuses on determining the crushing strength of small wood columns using the new micromechanics test system developed specifically for this lab.  200 Cheatham Hall

Contact: Audrey Zink-Sharp

Unit Load Testing Laboratory

Equipment in this lab focuses on understanding how packaging, pallets, and distribution equipment interact in order to optimize unit load storage and distribution system design. Brooks Forest Products Center Unit Load Testing Laboratory.

Contact: Laszlo Horvath

Bio-Based Composites Laboratory

This lab services the Sustainable Engineered Materials Institute and the Wood-Based Composites Center. It houses a pilot plant for the manufacture of flat-pressed composites, wet-lab, raw material preparation and material testing. Brooks Forest Products Center.

Contact: Chip Frazier

Wood Drying Laboratory

This purpose of this lab is to discover ways to improve wood drying methods and incorporate newly developed concepts into industrial practice. Brooks Forest Products Center.

Contact: Brian Bond

Packaging Lab

This lab provides analytical testing/research services for the physical, chemical and structural properties of packaging systems and materials. Packaging materials includes diverse synthetic and natural eco-plastics and functional components of packaging. Gas barrier property test will be provided soon. Brooks Forest Products Center.

Contact:  Bob BushYoung KimLaszlo Horvath

Machining and Design Laboratory

Heavy-duty stationary machinery is maintained here where it supports teaching, research and outreach activities of the department. Brooks Forest Products Center.

Contact: David Jones

Engineering Renewable Materials Structures

This lab functions as a flexible testing laboratory and is used by faculty and students for research, graduate student research, demonstrations and short courses. Brooks Forest Products Center.

Contact: Dan HindmanJoe Loferski

Metals Machining Laboratory

The department maintains this lab for the purpose of fabricating jigs, fixtures and test equipment used in our wood research, teaching and outreach programs. Brooks Forest Products Center.

Contact: David Jones

240 in ICTAS I

The lab has six fume hoods (all used by Edgar's students), with two separate analytical rooms totaling 602 sq. ft. and separate solid (81 sq. ft.) and liquid (144 sq. ft.) chemical storage rooms. It has accommodations for four students at desks well-separated from the experimental area. 2nd floor ICTAS I.

Contact: Kevin Edgar

Innovation and Design Lab

This large space has work benches and various types of equipment for the design and fabrication of work-pieces developed by students. Students make different types of furniture and hand-crafted projects, and also work on collaborative Sustainable Enterprise Institute projects from laser engraved designs to basic tooling of wood. Brooks Center. 

Contact: Earl KlineJoe LoferskiUrs Buehlmann, and David Jones

Sustainable Packaging Materials

Contact: Young Teck Kim

Corrugated Testing Laboratory

This lab focuses on evaluating the performance of packaging materials.  We evaluate properties of corrugated fiberboard such as Edge Crush Resistance, Flat Crush Resistance, Box Compression Strength, Bending Stiffness, Water Absorption, Bursting Strength, and Friction.  Brooks Forest Products Center.

Contact: Eduardo Molina