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Chip Frazier, Guigui Wan and Mohammad Tasooji

Departmental Sponsored Research Centers

Center for Forest Products Business

The forest products industry is an important industry for the United States. Competition within the forest products industry has become fierce. Marketing as well as management of production and people have become integral to remaining competitive. The Center for Forest Products Business strives to help firms improve the management of their operations and the marketing of their products.

Center for Packaging and Unit Load and Design

CPULD is one of the leading pallet / packaging testing and research facilities in the United States. Using state-of-the-art technology, we research every aspect of the material handling system from primary packaging all the way through unit load design.

Wood-Based Composites Center

Wood-based composites play an ever-increasing role in the wood products industry. The WBC is focused on meeting the educational and research needs of the wood-based composites, and related, industries.

Collaborations with the Department