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Faculty Research Groups

Here are some links to both Outreach and Research organizations that our Faculty members and Department work with:

Edgar Research Group

Students in the Edgar research group engage in multidisciplinary work on the development of novel synthetic methods for polysaccharide derivatives, the synthesis of novel polysaccharide materials, the creation of polysaccharide derivatives with control of regiochemistry and nanostructure...

Roman Research Group, Biobased Advanced Materials

...research on the utilization of polymers from renewable resources in the development of novel and advanced materials. Current research projects focus on potential applications of plant-derived nanoparticles in medicine, functional foods, and smart packaging...

Sustainable Innovation Management

SIM is the process of planning, designing, and deploying innovations in organizations. Different from other innovation management approaches, SIM should be a sustained process that can be replicated as needed...We are an academic group cultivating new experts in innovation management within an organic structure discovering, disseminating, and training to pursue innovation and sustainability of business processes.