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HOKIEPACK Job Fair Feb. 21, 2024

Virginia Tech’s top-ranked Packaging Systems and Design program invites you to its 2024 HokiePack Job Fair. The event features three days of networking and interviews designed to connect current students with employers seeking to fill jobs and internships. Mark your calendar and read more below on how you can participate.

Job Fair

Event Information

The College of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials invites you to join our HokiePack Job fair on Feb. 21, 2024. Access the 2024 promotional flyer here.


CNRE/Packaging Networking Reception

Date: February 20 (6 p.m.)
University Club at South End Zone Stadium

Spring Packaging Job Fair

Wednesday, February 21, 2024
Commonwealth Ballroom
Squires Student Center

On-campus Interviews

Date: February 22 (upon request)
Smith Career Center

Recruit the Best

JOIN OUR PACKAGING SYSTEMS AND DESIGN PROGRAM on Feb. 21, 2024, for our HokiePack Job fair at the Virginia Tech campus. You will be able to meet and network with many talented undergraduate and graduate students seeking internship and career opportunities and showcase what your company has to offer. The three-day event includes a networking reception, job fair, and on-site interviews with students. 

Secure your booth today by emailing or calling 540-231-8853.

Small Class Sizes

Meet Our Program

Small Class Sizes

VIRGINIA TECH'S PACKAGING SYSTEMS AND DESIGN PROGRAM began in 2014. What started as a class of 9 is now over 90 undergraduate students with an extensive network of alumni. Our growing program prides itself on a nearly 100 percent job  placement rate!

The Packaging Systems and Design major is constructed of small class sizes which provide our undergraduate students with the unique opportunity to construct personal connections with faculty. We also have a Faculty and Advising mentorship program to ensure that every packaging student has someone to provide insight into industry connections and career direction through their time at Virginia Tech. Every student is assigned a mentor to furnish their understanding of the packaging industry and guidance as they refine their personal career goals. 

The biggest benefit of our small class sizes is our ability to take our learning outside of the classroom. From our students visiting local packaging companies to companies coming to visit our classes; our students are exposed to real-world packaging implementations on a very in-depth level. This exploratory take on learning has allowed our students to be exposed to all different aspects of packing from materials, to design, to engineering, to testing. 

Virginia Tech is a research institution and our packaging program is a global leader in pallet research. The Brooks Lab is in the Corporate Research Center, adjacent to the Virginia Tech campus. It is known for its state-of-the-art equipment and fantastic lab management. We pride ourselves on allowing our students an environment where they can gain hands-on experience and exposure to the realities of the packaging industry before they leave school. 

hands on

Virginia Tech acknowledges that the best way to solidify knowledge obtained in the classroom is to use that information to solve real-life packaging problems. All of our packaging students have the opportunity to get involved in hands-on projects. These opportunities include working in the Center for Pallet and Unit Load Design, performing undergraduate research in one of our labs, and gaining experience through industry-sponsored design projects.

Our small class sizes provide our students with unique opportunities to learn from hands-on experience. We have three different courses that are specifically designed to provide our students with real-world packaging design experience through research with various industry sponsors (Sustainable Packaging Design I and II, and the Senior Packaging Practicum). In addition to these courses, all of our packaging coursework contains hands-on elements that are designed to provide students with the practical skills that they will need in industry.

Through partnerships with companies for internships, co-ops, and full-time positions, we hope to grow our network and build more opportunities and partnerships for the future of our program. 

Employer Information - Sponsorship Levels



  • Spring 2024 Attendance
  • Networking Reception
  • Info Session Prior to Event
  • 2 Interview Rooms
  • 6 Attendees Included
  • Fall 2024 Career Fair Attendance
  • Round table with Dean and Faculty
  • Packaging Facility Tour Upon Request



  • Spring 2024 Attendance
  • Networking Reception
  • Info Session Prior to Event
  • 1 Interview Room
  • 4 Attendees Included



  • Spring 2024 Attendance
  • Networking Reception
  • 2 Attendees Included

Reach out to Rosa Williams ( for special accommodations, questions about sponsorship levels, and for unique sponsorship opportunities


Hokiepack Banquet


Roundtable Upgrade


Employer FAQ:

Q: Will only Packaging Systems and Design Students attend the fair?
A: The Packaging Job Fair is open to VT students of all majors who are interested in the packaging field.
Q: We want to bring our own promotional materials to the event, how can we make sure that they arrive on-site before the event?
A: During company check-in, committee members and program volunteers will assist companies in transporting any gear or materials from their vehicles to the event hall.

Student Information- Resources

2024 Participating Employers


Student FAQ:

Q: What is appropriate dress code for the job fair?
A: Dress business formal for the main event and interview sessions.
Q: I already have a position lined up after this semester, can I still attend?
A: Yes! The job fair is a great opportunity to network with industry professionals as well as fellow students. You may even secure a future postion in advance.

Meet Our Committee

This event is student-run with support of faculty and staff of the College of Natural Resources and Environment. Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you have questions about the job fair or our program at

Young-Teck Kim Advisor

Young-Teck Kim
Young-Teck Kim: Advisor

Eduardo Molina Advisor

Eduardo Molina
Eduardo Molina: Advisor

Rosa Williams

Rosa Williams
Rosa Williams: Chair

Zachary Weston

Zachary Weston
Zachary Weston: Lead Designer

Morgan Bright

Marta Ghigo
Morgan Bright: Committee Member

Jerry McCarthy

Aiko Martinez
Jerry McCarthy: Committee Member

Jiyu Niu : Committee Member

Adnan Ahmed
Jiyu Niu : Committee Member

Safiya Fatemah

Noah Madel
Safiya Fatemah: Committee Member

Ray Flannagan: Committee Member

Marta Ghigo
Ray Flannagan: Committee Member

Enrique Cruz

Aiko Martinez
Enrique Cruz: Committee Member

Isaac Quesada-Guzman: Committee Member

Noah Madel
Isaac Quesada-Guzman: Committee Member

Contact Information

Interested? Contact us now!
Phone: 540-231-8853
230 Cheatham Hall, Virginia Tech
310 West Campus Drive
Blacksburg, VA 24061