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Our Graduate Program Description, Courses, and Requirements

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The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials offers three graduate degrees: Master of Science (M.S.), Master of Forestry (M.F.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).  The M.S. is a thesis-based degree, and the M.F. is a professional course-work-based non-thesis degree.  Graduates at the M.S., M.F., and Ph.D. levels are successful in securing careers in public and private research organizations and universities, large sectors of the business world including forest products industries, packaging industries, bioenergy and energy engineering sector, and supply sector.  Areas of degree specialization within our graduate program include green building design, life cycle assessment of renewable materials, circular economy, packaging systems & design, pallet and container design, plant anatomy, forest industry management & product marketing, lumber drying & processing, sustainable chemistry & plastics, wood composites, timber engineering, polymer science, and lean manufacturing.

Upon completion of requirements for obtaining an advanced degree in sustainable biomaterials, the diploma will read "Forestry and Forest Products."

Course Listing

Please see the current VT Registrar's Office website for information about graduate courses. (Enter SBIO in the "subject" area. Select the correct semester and then search the class sections. Courses at the 4000 and 5000 level can be selected by graduate students with their faculty advisor's approval).

Graduate Study Description

Check here for General Information about application for graduate study in the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials at Virginia Tech.

Graduate Theses

For a complete library listing of our Sustainable Biomaterials graduate theses and dissertations, please access this link and search for Forest Products or Wood Science and Forest Products. 

Plan of Study Templates

Degree Requirements

Check our Graduate Policies Handbook to see the Graduate Program Standards and Policies and information related to degree requirements, departmental policies, committee selection, course requirements, and general departmental policies for graduate students.

Graduate Applicants: Please see our Faculty pages to find out about our faculty members' specific research interests. Faculty typically select graduate students to work on thesis projects with them based on the students' qualifications and also on their level of interest in ongoing research.

Apply Online

Apply to the Graduate School at Virginia Tech online.

To learn more about our department, watch our video.

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