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Ching-Hsun Huang

Ching-Hsun Huang

Department Head and Professor

Expertise:  Economics of renewable energy, forest ecosystem services, carbon sequestration, optimal forest management, wildfire economics

Photo of Sailesh Adhikari

Sailesh Adhikari


Hardwood lumber manufacturing, cross-laminated timber (CLTs), hardwood CLTs, life cycle analysis, lean manufacturing, biomass gasification

Brian Bond

Brian Bond

Associate Dean for Extension, Outreach and Engagement

Director, CNRE Leadership Institute and Professor

Expertise:  Wood drying, wood processing and manufacturing, wood identification, performance of wood in use, wood flooring

Urs Buehlmann

Expertise:  Manufacturing systems engineering, lean manufacturing, business benchmarking, competitive strategy, and globalization

Robert Bush

Expertise:  Marketing, competitive strategy, capital budgeting and decision making, structural characteristics of the wood-based industries, more . . .

Zhangjing Chen

Expertise:  Wood drying specializing in wood vacuum drying, vacuum/steam phytosanitation, and life cycle analysis of biomaterials more . . .

Kevin J. Edgar

Kevin Edgar

Kevin Edgar

Professor and Associate Dean, Graduate School

Expertise: Creation of drug delivery systems to meet patient needs, bioavailability enhancement, synthesis of novel polysaccharide deriv., more . . .

Charles Frazier

Expertise:  Lignocellulose chemistry, biomass rheology, composite materials, and surface chemistry and adhesion


Expertise:  International marketing and trade, non-timber forest products utilization and marketing, forest-based economic development, more . . .

Dan Hindman

Expertise:  Wood building design, mechanical properties of wood, stability of wood i-joists, torsional stiffness of wood members, more . . . 

Laszlo Horvath

Laszlo Horvath

Associate Professor and Director, CPULD

Expertise:  Interactions between packaging, pallet, and material handling systems, computer modeling of the mechanical performance, more . . .

Wonjung Jung

Wonjung Jung

Instructional Adjunct

Expertise:  Graphic design, illustrator, and painting

Young Kim

Young Kim

Associate Professor

Expertise:  Food packaging, development of sustainable (rigid/flexible) packaging, analytical packaging chemistry, smart packaging more . . .

Earl Kline

Expertise:  Manufacturing systems engineering, continuous improvement technologies, lean manufacturing methods, production operations more . . .

Joe Loferski

Expertise:  Wood engineering and structural design procedures, performance of wood and wood composites in buildings, more . . .

Eduardo Molina

Eduardo Molina

Assistant Professor, Packaging Systems and Design

Expertise:  Packaging logistics, packaging design, supply chain management, continuous improvement, material handling, pallets, more . . .

Nicolas Navarro

Research Associate, Packaging Systems and Design


Maren Roman

Expertise:  Self-assembly and colloidal properties of cellulose nanocrystals, surface functionalization of cellulose nanocrystals, more . . .

Jennifer Russell

Expertise:  Dynamic production-consumption systems for sustainable products and technologies,  life-cycle impacts more . . .

Paul Winistorfer

Paul Winistorfer

Dean, College of Natural Resources and Environment

Expertise:  Densification in wood composites, wood performance in application, wood composites manufacture, testing and performance, more . . .

Audrey Zink-Sharp

Audrey Zink-Sharp

Associate Department Head and Professor

Expertise:  Quantitative wood anatomy, micro-mechanics, video microscopy for strain measurement, forest ecological disturbances and wood anatomy

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