Department head picture

Robert (Bob) Smith

Associate Dean for Engagement and Head, Dept. of Sustainable Biomaterials

(540) 231-7679


Photo of Philip Araman

Philip Araman

Adjunct Professor, Forest Service

(540) 231-5341

Brian Bond photo

Brian Bond

Director, CNRE Leadership Institute and Professor

(540) 231-8752

Photo of John Bouldin

John Bouldin

Managing Director, Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design

(540) 231-5370

Photo of Urs Buehlmann

Urs Buehlmann


(540) 231-9759

Photo of Robert Bush

Robert Bush


(540) 231-8834

Photo of Linda Caudill

Linda Caudill

Managing Director, Wood-Based Composites Center

(540) 231-7092


Photo of Jim Chamberlain

Jim Chamberlain

Adjunct Professor, Forest Service

(540) 231-3611

Photo of  Zhangjing Chen

Zhangjing Chen

Research Scientist

(540) 231-4403

Photo of Kevin Edgar

Kevin Edgar


(540) 231-0674

Photo of Chip Frazier

Charles Frazier


(540) 231-8318


Photo of Wolfgang Glasser

Wolfgang Glasser

Professor Emeritus

(804) 320-0456

Photo of Tom Hammett

A. L. Hammett

Associate Dean, Academic Programs; Professor

(540) 231-2716

Photo of Dan Hindman

Dan Hindman

Associate Professor

(540) 231-9442

Photo of Laszlo Horvath

Laszlo Horvath

Director, Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design and Associate Professor

(540) 231-7673


Photo of Wonjung Jung

Wonjung Jung

Instructional Adjunct

(540) 231-7107

Photo of Young Kim

Young Teck Kim

Assistant Professor

(540) 231-1156

Sustainable Packaging

Photo of Earl Kline

D. Earl Kline


(540) 231-8841

Photo of Fred Lamb

Fred Lamb

Professor Emeritus

Photo of Joe Loferski

Joseph Loferski


(540) 231-4405

Photo of Eduardo Molina

Eduardo Molina

Instructor - Packaging Systems and Design

(540) 231-8215

Photo of Henry Quesada

Henry Quesada

Associate Professor

(540) 231-0978

Maren Roman

Maren Roman

Associate Professor

(540) 231-1421

Al Schuler

Adjunct Professor

(304) 431-2727

Li Shuai photo

Li Shuai

Assistant Professor

(540) 231-8253

Shuai Group

Photo of Robert Smith

Robert (Bob) Smith

Associate Dean for Engagement and Head, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials

(540) 231-7679


Mark White

Marshall White

Professor Emeritus

(540) 231-7134

Photo of Paul Winistorfer

Paul Winistorfer

Dean, College of Natural Resources and Environment

(540) 231-5481

Frank Woeste

Frank Woeste

Adjunct Professor

(540) 951-0469

Robert Youngs
Photo of Audrey Zink-Sharp

Audrey Zink-Sharp

Professor and Associate Dept. Head

(540) 231-8820