Photo of Bob Smith
Dr. Bob Smith

Dr. Bob Smith from the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials recently coauthored a book titled “International Marketing Practices for Small to Medium Sized Forest Products Firms” with Dr. Omar Espinoza and Ms. Anna Pitti from the University of Minnesota. This book was written to assist forest products companies that are wanting to enter the international market, and/or it will help these companies train personnel who may be new to international marketing. The objective of this guide is to provide small and medium sized forest products businesses with easy-to-use information on how to think systematically about all of the factors critical to a successful overseas operation and then to outline an applicable marketing strategy with which to enter those international markets.

Book cover titled International Marketing Practices for Small to Medium Sized Forest Products Firms with authors Omar Espinoza, Robert Smith, and Anna Pitti. Four pictures on right side of cover. First, stacks of raw edge planks. Second, a live edge finished table. Third, a cargo ship filled with containers on the open sea. Fourth, looking down on a trade show floor.
International Marketing Practices book cover

The authors state that “there has been never a better opportunity for small to medium sized forest products firms to expand into international markets. Social media and improved distribution methods now allow smaller companies to compete directly with larger firms across the world in the global marketplace.”

There are a limited number of hard copies available. Please contact Bob Smith at if you would like to order one. This is the third in their series of books geared towards small-to-medium sized forest products firms. All books can also be downloaded at this link