Photo of Dr. Laszlo Horvath

Laszlo Horvath, was recently interviewed by Chaille Brindley for an article in the leading industry magazine, Pallet Enterprise…

“The leading institution for scientific research in the pallet and transport packaging sector is the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design (Center). A part of Virginia Tech’s Sustainable Biomaterials Department, the Center conducts research and stays on the cutting edge in wood science and packaging design. Many people in the industry know about the Center, but they aren’t aware how the Center can improve their business. When they think of the Center, they think of research conducted to improve the Pallet Design System (PDS)™ or to validate some new pallet design. But the Center also helps train up the next generation of pallet, packaging and wood products professionals who can bring expertise into your workforce.

If you want to go beyond competing on price, having the right people can help you improve the intelligence of your sales and outreach pitches. The right personnel can improve your facility using lean manufacturing and engineering principles. The best new hire may be someone you never knew existed because you weren’t looking in the right place. One of the best places to find top talent for the industry is the pallet and packaging program at Virginia Tech. Pallet Enterprise sat down with the direct of the Center, Laszlo Horvath, to talk about interns and co-ops, hiring and ways to better partner with the Center.

You don’t have to be a huge pallet company to take advantage of this industry resource. Find out how one student can boost your sales or operations.”

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