Henry Quesada and Bob Miller (Frank Miller Lumber Co.)
Henry Quesada and Bob Miller

Drs. Bob Smith and Henry Quesada recently visited a number of long-time supporters of the SBIO department in order to connect with them and to see how SBIO can better serve them with our departmental research efforts and students.  Smith and Quesada visited nine facilities in the mid-Atlantic region over a five-day period.

Smith is shown next to a veneer sorting table with Dr. Vijay Reddy, Vice President of Marketing for the Danzer Vaneer Co.  Reddy is a VT PhD alumnus. Quesada, above, is shown with Bob Miller of Frank Miller Lumber Co. (with large white oak logs in an outdoor yard) and with Lance Johnson, the VP of Sales for ISK Biocides (inside their warehouse). Both of these companies have been long term supporters of our programs. Quesada is also shown with Don Bright, the owner of Meherrin River Forest Products (shown with bundles of lumber behind them), Bright is a VT alumnus.

The most common issue throughout the industry was everyone’s inability to find good employees.  This issue alone has led to reduced production at some plants. Other issues included resource availability, increasing regulations and availability of truckers for shipping products. However, all of the companies that they met with reported recently experiencing good years financially and from an overall business perspective.