Esra Satir

Esra Satir
Esra Satir

The SBIO Department is proud to announce that our Master’s student, Esra Satir, has won the Sustainable Biomaterials H.E. Burkhart Outstanding Masters Student award! Here is what Esra had to tell us about her time here in SBIO:


1.      Describe yourself in a couple sentences.  Tell us where you are from and some basics about your life outside of school: 

I am passionate and diligent and always look for new challenges and ways to better myself. I thrive on challenges and constantly set new goals for myself, so I always have something new to strive toward. I believe that is because I am a reliable and result-oriented person.

I am from Turkey, I was born and grown in Istanbul but I lived in Ankara, the capital, since 2016 until the day I came to Blacksburg. I love being outside, either for walking or visiting new places. Nowadays, I am working on my thesis, hoping to finish my master by the end of this semester.

2.      Why did you choose the SBIO department and major, and what about it interests you?

I graduated from the Dept. of Forest Industry Engineering, which is the equivalent of Dept. of SBIO, at Istanbul University. I already have the interest towards forest products. The main reason for me to pick Virginia Tech is my husband who finished his masters in Dept. of SBIO at Virginia Tech seven years ago. I wanted to benefit from his knowledge about Blacksburg and the department. Also, he recently applied for a PhD and I am going to change my degree status to PhD in the same department for the next Fall.

3.      What are you learning/researching/working on right now and how will it help the world?

I am working on a project that is about the inclusion of hardwood species into production of CLT (cross-laminated timber) to create a hybrid CLT. This inclusion is an effort to increase the value of underutilized hardwood species grown in the US.

The utilization of CLT in construction could help the world by reducing environmental impact and contributing to sustainable development.

4.      How has your time in the SBIO department at VT helped you? Is there one class or faculty member that greatly influenced you?

It has helped me easily go through experiencing a different educational approach with kind and helpful faculty and staff. My advisor, Dr Daniel Hindman, is the person who influences me the most. He has helped, and is still helping me acquire the skills and mindset that I could need in the future.

5.      Do you have any advice for future students thinking about joining the SBIO department?

The Department of SBIO offers students hands-on experience in exciting study areas related to wood and wood-based composites. Students who study in the Department of SBIO can look forward to fulfilling careers with the knowledge and skills they gain from the faculty members who are among the best in their field.

Esra Satir working in the lab

Esra Satir working in the lab
Esra Satir working in the lab