One of the SBIO student groups who participated in the “48 Hour Repack” challenge have placed 2nd in this national competition! Zachary Weston, Gary Ampy, Matthew Kearney, and Garrett Hornauer (left to right in the attached image) imagined, designed, and produced a new packaging solution, as well as a marketing video, for a new 12-pack of Coca-Cola cans in just 48 hours.

“This was a student packaging design competition sponsored by the Institute of Packaging Professionals and several leading industry companies. The goal was to expose students from different schools and disciplines to the packaging industry. In the past, many student competitors have received job offers and internships as a direct result of their participation in this competition. Students were encouraged to consider responsible use of materials while improving packaging functionality and practicality. Their focus was to design with the business objectives in mind, while creating an original experience, and building an emotional connection with the intended user (”

Congrats to Zach, Gary, Matt and Garrett for their 2nd place win! Watch their new Coca-Cola package marketing video here: