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Packaging Engineering and Technology

One of the main roles of a packaging engineer is to ensure that that product in the package survives the physical distribution process to the final user. The different packaging solutions can be divided into three major areas such as E-commerce, Retail and Industrial. The job of the packaging engineer is to understand the requirements of these sectors and develop a packaging solution that can provide the required protection, can be shipped cost effectively, and have a low environmental footprint.

To be prepared for the job, our packaging students are learning about supply chain management and logistics, transportation and warehousing systems used all around the world, protective packaging design, and industrial packaging systems.

Students who have an interest in distribution packaging commonly work for companies such as Tesla, HP, IBM, Exxon, BMW, Amazon, ABF freight, Newell brands or any other company who manufactures and ships products.

Average starting salary of fresh graduate may be $60,000-$80,000 based on the recent VT alumni salary survey