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Are you rethinking your choice of major?

Do you want your career to have a positive impact on the environment?

Are you concerned about job security? 

We invite you to explore the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials

Why?  Because:

We offer BS degrees in Sustainable Biomaterials and Packaging Systems and Design. Our packaging program is consistently ranked in the top 5 in the nation.

We also offer graduate degrees with specialization in important and contemporary topic areas.

Packaging is the third largest industry, worldwide, providing ample career opportunities.  The world of packaging is diverse and multi-faceted. Wondering what kind of job you would be qualified for with our Packaging Systems and Design degree? Take a look at the possibilities!

Sustainable Biomaterials is a field with great career opportunities where you can make a difference! There is a growing need to make products more "green" and renewable resources, such as wood, provide a natural way to design and build sustainable products for our future!

The professors in the department are a valuable and caring resource outside the classroom, too, as current students and program graduates can attest. 

Opportunities to participate in student lifestudent organizations, and research projects with faculty provide valuable additional resources. Departmental scholarships are available to help lighten the load, and study abroad programs expand your thinking.

Plan a visit - come see what it’s all about! Schedule a visit to the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials and tour our laboratories! They are designed to be student-centered learning environments and to provide students with hands-on, minds-on activities. You’ll be able to talk with professors who are experts in sustainability science, biomaterials science, and packaging systems and design. Additionally, our current students, club officers, and student ambassadors will be excited to share their personal experiences during your tour!   

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Talk with an advisor to find out more and schedule a visit.

Dana McGuire

Dana McGuire

Dana McGuire

Academic Advisor for Sustainable Biomaterials and Assistant Director of Academic Advising

138 Cheatham Hall




The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials

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