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Winter 2014 Newsletter

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By Audrey Zink-Sharp

Research being conducted by Kyle Mirabile, Elizabeth Parcell Sharp, Scott Renneckar, and Audrey Zink- Sharp is shedding some light on what features of Douglas-fir versus southern yellow pine are likely leading to the inability of certain adhesives to qualify for use in structural applications that must withstand cyclic moisture conditions.

Irreversible electroporation (IRE), a promising new technique for removing cancerous tumors, uses microsecond electrical pulses to damage the cell membranes of tumor cells past the point of recovery. While IRE affects tumor cells, it does not cause damage to nearby blood vessels and nerves. This selectivity enables the treatment of tumors that are considered surgically inoperable because of their close proximity to these sensitive structures.

Representatives of the Korean Pallet Pool System visit Virginia Tech

By Laszlo Hotvath

Two representatives if the Korean Pallet Pool (KPP) system visited Virginia Tech February 5-7, 2014 to explore a joint venture between Korean Pallet Pool systems, Institute of Advanced l earning and research ( IALR ) and Virginia Tech. Dr. Shin a well know researcher in plastic pallet development was leading the delegation. During the stay the representatives observed the results of a joint testing project that KPP currently has with Virginia Tech then the group traveled to IALR to explore further collaboration. The joint venture will help KPP, IALR, and Virginia Tech to be leaders in natural fiber reinforced bio-plastic composite pallet development.

Participation in the 2014 Packaging ICPF teleconference 

By Young Teck Kim

There were two packaging students, Cyrus Adibpour (Senior) and Megan Stallings (Sophomore) honorably selected by ICPF to participate at the broadcast site in east Lansing, MI during the 17 th annual ICPF careers in corrugated Packaging & Display Teleconference conducted on February 20, 2014. this ICPF award also includes their participation as a guest speaker in the ICPF reception party, dinner and many meetings with other teleconference industry speakers.




Visiting Professor from Brazil

Dr. Elias Taylor Durgante Severo a professor at the São Paulo State University-UNESP, Brazil is visiting Professor Brian Bond in the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials for one year. Dr. Elias has a background in wood drying, physical properties of wood and wood preservation. He will be working on several projects related to wood drying and thermally modified wood.

Visiting Scientists Working with Goodell’s Research Group 

By Barry Goodell

The Sustainable Biomaterials Department welcomes Dr. Tomonori Sonoki from Hirosaki University in Japan to Professor Barry Goodell’s research group. Dr. Sonoki joins two other visiting scientists currently on sabbatical stay with Dr. Goodell, Dr. Yuichiro Otsuka from the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute in Tsukuba, Japan, and Dr. Omar Uyarte Noriega from the University of São Paulo in Lorena, Brazil.

SBIO Faculty Present at Nanotechnology Workshop

By Barry Goodell

Professor Barry Goodell attended a Nanotechnology Workshop on February 21, 2014 at the National Institute of Aerospace in Hampton, Virginia with colleagues, Gary Seidel and Rakesh Kapania from the Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering at Virginia Tech.

Bio-based Materials Center to hold symposium on April 30 

By Maren Roman

On Wednesday, April 30, 2014, the Bio-based Materials Center (BBMC ) at Virginia Tech is holding its 3rd Graduate Research Symposium. This year’s keynote speaker is Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Petra Mischnick from the Institute of Food Chemistry of the Technische Universität Braunschweig in Germany.

VT SBIO at the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society

By Maren Roman

During the third week of March, the American Chemical Society is holding its 247th National Meeting in Dallas, TX with the theme: Chemistry and Materials for Energy. The Virginia Tech Department of Sustainable Biomaterials will be represented at this meeting by Prof. Kevin Edgar and his graduate students Ruoran Zhang, Xueyan Zheng, Joyann Marks, and Xiangtao Meng, Prof. Chip Frazier and his graduate students Guigui Wan and Xing Yang, Prof. Scott Renneckar and his graduate student Wei Zhang, Prof. Barry Goodell, and Prof. Maren Roman’s graduate students Jung Ki Hong and Xinyi Tan. Prof. Audrey Zink-Sharp is a co-author of one of the papers.

Extension highlights

The wood products industry in Virginia is a critical contributor to the economy of the state, an industry represented by more than 1,000 primary and secondary industries and over $25 billion in economic impact. 

The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials (SBIO) at Virginia Tech is one of the leading U.S. academic programs in the field of renewable materials with a focus on cellulosic materials such as wood products. Besides research and teaching efforts, SBIO has an important role in dissemination of new knowledge in the area of renewable materials through SBIO’s three extension specialists.