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Packaging Systems and Design Club at Virginia Tech (PSDC)

This club is part of the National Institute of Packaging Professionals. Activities of the club include participation in design competitions, traveling to PackExpo (a major trade meeting), attending chapter meetings, fundraising, and participating in the Student Packaging Jamboree. Members also participate in social activities including picnics, community service projects, and attending guest speakers. Being an active member of the club adds a professional element to your résumé, not to mention it’s a good way to meet your fellow classmates and peers.

Institute of Packaging Professionals

Many students in the packaging program are members of the IoPP@Virginia Tech. IoPP@Virginia Tech is a student driven club that organizes many activities each year. The student club is part of the national Institute of Packaging Professional (IoPP) which is a nationally recognised organization of packaging professionals. Activities of the club include participation in design competitions, travel to PackExpo (a major trade meeting), IoPP chapter meetings, fundraising,  and the IoPP Student Packaging Jamboree. Social activities include picnics, community service projects, and guest speakers. Being an active member of the club adds a professional element to your résumé and is a good way to meet your fellow classmates and peers.



  • Visit Carded Graphics
    • Members of the club visited a local company called Carded Graphics during the summer to learn more about the paper and paperboard business. Murry Pitts who is a long term supporter of the packaging program at Virginia Tech personally gave a tour to the students.
  • South Pack 2012
    • South Pack is one of the regional packaging tradeshows. In this year it was organized in Charlotte, NC. Four of the members of the IoPP@Virginia Tech visited the event to network with companies and to learn more about the industry. 
  • Packaging Jamboree 2012
    • XVIII Packaging Jamboree was organized by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) located in Rochester, NY. Jamboree started with presentations from major packaging companies related to the topic of the Jamboree which was Costumer Connections and How to Communicate with the Customers. Heinz, HAVI Global Solutions, and L’Oreal presented examples of innovative packaging designs which were used to improve the consumer experience. John Marshall, Senior Packaging Technologist at Heinz emphasized the importance of the “total emersion” with the customer during the packaging design process. he highlight of the second day was the final step of the Pringles Chip Packaging Design Challenge the “Big Drop”. All the packaging designs were scored based on the idea and the aesthetic appearance then they protective function was evaluated by dropping them from 18 feet. The competition was really close which resulted in two of the teams receiving Amazon Kindles not just the winning team. From Virginia Tech Patrick McCampbell (Sophomore, Newmarket, VA) and Michael Clifton (Junior, Gloucester, VA) are the happy owners of two of the Kindles.In addition to participating on the Jamboree, the group also visited the Niagara Falls waterfall on the way to Rochester which provided a great opportunity to all the students to see one of the national treasures of the United States
  • 48h IoPP Repack Competition
    • This year the IoPP@Virginia Tech participated in a 48 hours competition where the goal was to create a new more sustainable packaging design to hold charcoal. After an exhausting two days the group submitted two amazing package designs for the competition.
  • Packaging Homecoming Day Event
    • On Friday, October 21st, Virginia Tech’s homecoming football game day, the Virginia Tech Packaging program had a special promotional event for VT alumni and family sponsored by the Department of Wood Science and Forest Products and two major packaging companies, MeadWestvaco (MWV) Corp. of Richmond, VA and PepsiCo, Inc. of Purchase, NY.
  • PackExpo 2011
    • Pack Expo is one of the biggest events in the packaging industry bringing broad range of suppliers, manufacturers, and customers of various packaging solutions together. Two students, Nick D'Amico of Williamsburg, VA and Nate Slemp of Sugar Grove, VA, represented the packaging program at Virginia Tech during the expo. “The pack expo put an excellent perspective on the industry. It has allowed a prospective individual in the packaging field to better encompass the depth of packaging and prepare himself for his future” said Nate Slemp. “Las Vegas was an amazing opportunity. Not only did I get the chance to meet potential employers, but I got an inside look at the packaging production processes and breakthrough technologies in the field. The expo gives students the chance to network with the students and professors from the other packaging schools. The experiences shared by students and teachers both during and after Expo operating hours solidify relationships between future colleagues in the packaging industry.” said Nick D’Amico.
  • Earth Day
    • During April 18-22, a weeklong celebration was organized by the Environmental Coalition at Virginia Tech to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. Students from the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) Virginia Chapter also had a booth at the Earth Day Festival where the chapter was displaying sustainable packaging solutions including containers made of biodegradable plastic. Look at some of our pictures
  • Packaging Jamboree 2011
    • The IoPP Student Jamboree is a nationwide annual event where packaging students meet, share ideas, and build lifelong connections. Every year, the jamboree is organized by a different packaging school with the 2011 XVII Packaging Jamboree being held at the University of Wisconsin - Stout, located in Menomonie, Wisconsin. 


Past Projects

  • Topaz Packaging Project
    • Topaz Sailing Systems has experienced major shipping damages in their desired supply chain. They came to the packaging program at VT because of our expertise and knowledge of packaging and distribution systems. It was our goal to create a new, innovative packaging solution for their product line, which was successful.