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Packaging Systems and Design B.S. Degree


What is Packaging Systems and Design?

  • If you are looking for a creative, interesting, and always changing field, then you are needed in Packaging Systems and Design.
  • Packaging design includes many different aspects of the use of sustainable materials and biomaterials in packaging for transportation, storage, and delivery of products.
  • The development of sustainable, green packaging and understanding of the recycling and re-use of packaging materials is critical both to the environment as well as business economics.


Where is Packaging Design Used?


Packaging systems are used just about everywhere; for protecting food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, automobile, and electronics. Large and small companies in these fields need you to design and produce creative packaging materials to transport and protect products, market those products to the public, and ultimately to allow the packaging materials to be re-used or recycled.


Packaging Systems and Design
Student Intern -Packaging

Internship and Co-ops are an internal part of the curriculum to provide real life practical experience in the industry environment.

Young Teck Kim, Asst Professor of Practice, and students, Sustainable Biomaterials, Brooks Forest Products Center. Packaging.

Our distribution and packaging center, the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design, offers a unique opportunity to our students to participate in ongoing research in the field of distribution packaging.

After You Graduate

Packaging is the third largest industry in the US. The global market size of the packaging and containtainer industry is $420 billion and it is forecasted to grow to $439 billion by 2014. The size and diversity of the Packaging Systems and Design field means that there are a large number of employment opportunities for graduates in the area. These opportunities range from Packaging Engineers to Packaging Managers, Packaging Development Scientists, and Designers.