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Sara Cerv

M.S. Candidate, Sustainable Biomaterials

Academic Background:

B.S. Sustainable Biomaterials, Virginia Tech 2018

B.S.  Environmental Informatics, minor in Geospatial Information System, Virginia Tech 2018


Remote Sensing Loblolly Pine Carbon Management, Virginia Tech 2018

Biomass Lab Technician, Virginia Tech 2018

Teaching Assistant, Information Technologies for Natural Resource Management, Virginia Tech 2018

Biomass and Forestry Canopy Structure, Harvard 2017

Teaching Assistant, Digital Planet, Virginia Tech 2017

Research Interests:

Increasing Awareness and Opportunities for Women and Minority Students in Sustainable Biomaterials

Modeling Seasonal Vegetation Indices of Evergreen and Deciduous Trees 

Major Professor:

Dr. Audrey Zink-Sharp