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  • Packaging Systems & Design

  • Sustainable Biomaterials
  • Biobased Material Science

  • Packaging Science major option

    Packaging Science

    Learn how sustainable, green packaging is used to eliminate waste and pollution in the environment, how packaging design enhances products, and how smart materials are used in food and drug packaging to enhance safety and quality.

  • Forest Products Business major option

    Forest Products Business

    Students learn about sustainable enterprise by creating and designing new products from natural and renewable materials, and learning ways to successfully market their designs in the real world.

  • Residential Wood Structures major option

    Residential Wood Structures

    Interested in the design and building of residential structures? Learn about green building techniques, LEED Standards, codes, and much more - all specifically related to the use of renewable materials in structures.

  • Wood Materials Science major option

    Wood Materials Science

    Learn the science and green chemistry needed to make new, sustainable biomaterials. From cellulose nanomaterials used in advanced structural products to natural chemistries used to enhance drug delivery, and produce the latest biofuels. Educate yourself to create a sustainable world.

Non-majors: To help you explore your interest in any of the above degree options, we recommend trying some of our introductory courses -- click any of the links immediately above.

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What is the field of Sustainable Biomaterials all about?

The use of natural, renewable resources to produce useful bioproducts, materials and bioenergy in a sustainable manner.

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The New Global Bioeconomy

Be part of the fastest growing segment of the economic rebound! The field of Sustainable Biomaterials is all about education in renewables and the environment. Click this link from WIRED magazine to see the growth of this field.

Why wood is good? See why wood is the most environmentally friendly material.

Video: Researchers from our department study how best to convert waste from forestry and agriculture into power.


  • Institute of Packaging Professionals

    Institute of Packaging Professionals

  • Forest Products Society Club

    Forest Products Society Club

  • Wood Enterprise Institute

    Wood Enterprise Institute

  • LEAN@ Virginia Tech

    LEAN@ Virginia Tech.