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Creating Sustainability Faculty

Meet our faculty teaching classes in the Creating Sustainability Track option

Brian Bond photo

Dr. Brian Bond teaches NR 4106 Leadership in the Natural Resources Profession and SBIO 4715 Wood House.

Tom Hammett photo

Dr. Tom Hammett teaches SBIO 2784 Global Forest Sustainability, SBIO 3004 Sustainable Nature-Based Enterprise, SBIO 3454 Society of Sustainable Biomaterial Energy, and SbIO 3984 Research Opportunities for Hemp Prod.

Dan Hindman photo

Dr. Dan Hindman  teaches SBIO 3314 Wood Mechanics, SBIO 3324 Green Building Systems, SBIO 4314 Desgin of Wood Structures and SBIO 5324 Timber Engineering.

Earl Kline photo

Dr. Earl Kline co-teaches SBIO 1234 Introduction to Wood Design and Craftsmanship (fall), SBIO 3445 Wood Design and Innovation.

Jennifer Russell

Dr. Jennifer Russell teaches SBIO 1984 Circular Economy Fundamentals and co-teaches SBIO 3004 Sustainable Nature-Based Enterprise.