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Society of Renewable Resources

The Virginia Tech Society of Renewable Resources (SRR) is a student run organization. Previously called the Forest Products Club.

The Society of Renewable Resources at Virginia Tech is a club for students interested in sustainability through the use of natural and renewable resources. The club will be exploring the application of sustainable biomaterials, renewable resources and green technologies studied in courses toward professional development. The club is open to any undergraduate or graduate students attending Virginia Tech.

Activities are organized through the club each year. Examples of activities scheduled this year are learning to master the use of in-house computer manufacturing technologies toward service and fund raising projects. Other events include guest speakers, social gatherings, field trips, professional conferences and networking. Being active members of the club will help expand professional connections and opportunities to build your resume. Have fun and enjoy meeting your fellow classmates and peers. 

Position Name
Please feel free to contact any of the officers if you have any questions about our club or activities or meetings dates and arrangements.
President Alison Bird
Vice President Daniel Grizzard
Treasurer Ella Geissinger
Secretary Henry Wallace
Advisors Dr. Earl Kline and Dr. Henry Quesada


Students at Gobblerfest
Society of Renewable Resources Gallery