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Institute of Packaging Professionals

Packaging Systems and Design Club at Virginia Tech (PSDC)

This club is part of the National Institute of Packaging Professionals. Activities of the club include participation in design competitions, traveling to PackExpo (a major trade meeting), attending chapter meetings, fundraising, and participating in the Student Packaging Jamboree. Members also participate in social activities including picnics, community service projects, and attending guest speakers. Being an active member of the club adds a professional element to your résumé, not to mention it’s a good way to meet your fellow classmates and peers.

Society of Renewable Resources

Society of Renewable Resources

The Society of Renewable Resources at Virginia Tech is a club for students interested in sustainability through the use of natural and renewable resources. The club is open to any undergraduate or graduate students attending Virginia Tech. Many activities are organized through the club each year to give students an opportunity to apply and promote what they know and learn about advancing sustainability in society. Activities include social events, professional development, community service projects, fund raising projects, guest speakers, and travel to professional conferences.


Wood Enterprise Institute

Wood Enterprise Institute

The Wood Enterprise Institute is a student-run entrepreneurial venture managed by students with the support of the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials and the College of Natural Resources and Environment at Virginia Tech. Our goal is to successfully introduce a wood product from concept to market, through new product development, product marketing, product manufacturing, and sales. Through this experience, students learn how to organize, manage, and improve a business in the most sustainable manner.



Lean at Virginia Tech

Lean at Virginia Tech is a student-driven, faculty-supported initiative to help organizations become more efficient and more competitive through lean implementation. It gives students the opportunity to work in a dynamic team of thinkers and experience real world examples through industry excursions, research projects and training workshops.

Our Mission: We create value for organizations, students, and faculties through knowledge and experience exchange. We achieve excellence through continuous improvement and people development. We respect people, loyalty, and the spirit of a student driven, faculty supported organization.