Faculty Expertise

Faculty Member  Expertise
Brian Bond Wood drying, wood processing and manufacturing, wood identification, performance of wood in use, wood flooring
John Bouldin Design of custom test protocols, design of custom test jig apparatuses, design of custom data collection spreadsheets, engineered wood products in residential construction, and residential property inspection
Urs Buehlmann Manufacturing systems engineering, lean manufacturing, business benchmarking, competitive strategy, and globalization
Robert Bush Marketing, competitive strategy, capital budgeting and decision making, structural characteristics of the wood-based industries, and packaging as a marketing function
Linda Caudill Wood-based composites, manufacturing processes and process optimization, quality control, manufacturing management and leadership, and research center administration
Zhangjing Chen Wood drying specializing in wood vacuum drying, vacuum/steam phytosanitation and life cycle analysis of biomaterials and forest products
Kevin Edgar Creation of drug delivery systems to meet patient needs, bioavailability enhancement, synthesis of novel polysaccharide derivatives, chemistry of cellulose and its derivatives, polysaccharide chemistry structure-property-performance relationships of biomaterials and derivatives, biomass conversion to high value biomaterials
Charles Frazier Lignocellulose chemistry, biomass rheology, composite materials, and surface chemistry and adhesion
Wolfgang Glasser Molecular structure and reactions of wood, thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers from wood, separation of wood components, biobased materials and composites, structure-property relationships of biomaterials and wood chemistry
A. L. Hammett International marketing and trade, non-timber forest products utilization and marketing, forest-based economic development, packaging as a marketing function, certified forest products, and niche markets.
Dan Hindman Wood building design, mechanical properties of wood, stability of wood i-joists, torsional stiffness of wood members, and safety of wood structures during construction
Laszlo Horvath Interactions between packaging, pallet, and material handling systems, computer modeling of the mechanical performance, pallet and container design, life cycle analysis, packaging dynamics, packaging distribution systems, biobased composities, and structural design
Wonjung Jung Graphic design, illustrator, and painting
Young Teck Kim Food packaging, development of sustainable (rigid/flexible) packaging, analytical packaging chemistry, pharmaceutical/nutraceutical packaging, smart packaging (quality indicator system), development of lab on a chip using chemiluminescense, and sustainable materials and corrugated fiberboard packaging
Earl Kline Manufacturing systems engineering, continuous improvement technologies, lean manufacturing methods, production operations management, computer applications in manufacturing, and process automation and process control
Joe Loferski Wood engineering and structural design procedures, performance of wood and wood composites in buildings, moisture problems and wood deterioration in buildings, wood flooring, fasteners and connections, product design and development, and preservation of historic wood buildings
Eduardo Molina Packaging logistics, packaging design, supply chain management, continuous improvement, material handling, pallets, and packaging interactions, production and logistics optimization, and mechanical properties of corrugated fiberboard
Henry Quesada Continuous improvement, organizational innovation, international marketing, supply chain management, and business process management
Maren Roman

Self-assembly and colloidal properties of cellulose nanocrystals, surface functionalization of cellulose nanocrystals, complexation of cellulose nanocrystals with polyelectrolytes, interactions of cellulose with proteins and cells, applications of cellulose nanocrystals in targeted drug delivery and tissue engineering, and enzymatic cellulose degradation in the bioethanol process

Jennifer Russell  
Robert Smith Packaging as a marketing function, industrial marketing, personal selling, sales management, international marketing and strategic management
Mark White Pallet design and performance, sawmilling, log & lumber grading, unit-loads, automated material handling systems
Paul Winistorfer Densification in wood composites, wood performance in application, wood composites manufacture, testing and performance, and wood identification and use
Frank Woeste Metal-plate-connected wood trusses, wood truss bracing, structural design, lumber and timber strength, deck and balcony safety and design, and performance of ceramic tile and stone on wood joist framing
Audrey Zink-Sharp Quantitative wood anatomy, micro-mechanics, video microscopy for strain measurement, forest ecological disturbances and wood anatomy