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David Jones

Wood Shop Manager

Originally from Beckley, WV, David worked in the private sector making custom cabinetry for seven years before beginning work with the department in the spring of 2002. He received his undergraduate degree in Wood Science and a masters degree in Ecology from Virginia Tech. He's lived an adventurous lifestyle, enjoying hiking, whitewater rafting, and other outdoor sports in places such as Alaska, Vermont, and Virginia. He also writes short essays based on his travels and outdoor experiences. David said the most rewarding part of his current job is using his woodworking training to help students and faculty on their research projects.


Areas of Responsibility

  • Assisting in preparing wood samples.
  • Building special projects, such as cabinetry or shelving, for the Sustainable Biomaterials department.
  • Training people in safe woodshop protocol.
  • Managing the woodshop.
    David Jones

  • (540) 231-7342
  • Brooks Forest Products Center, Virginia Tech
    1650 Research Center Drive
    Blacksburg, VA 24061



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