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Photo of Young Kim

Young Kim

Assistant Professor of Practice
Dr.Kim's works are strongly related to “industrial problem solving” and “new system developments" in the areas of biodegradable & plastic polymers, sustainable packaging, smart packaging in the flexible & rigid systems, and food & health care packaging using various analytical instruments and noble technologies. He has successfully developed new sustainable packaging systems based on noble and creative technologies such as nano-tech, inclusion complex tech and multilayer technique. From these successes, he was awarded or filed several patents in the core areas of packaging science and analytical chemistry. Packaging & food chemistry, biopolymer chemistry and analytical chemistry are major backgrounds in his research. Currently, sustainable packaging material development and smart packaging (biosensor/quality indicator system) are major on-going project areas. He is interested in utilizing various biodegradable polymers which are originated from both nature and synthetic reactions. He is also focusing on teaching and developing various packaging science curriculum at Virginia Tech.
Image of Young Kim Young Kim Assistant Professor of Practice Virginia Tech Sustainable Biomaterials work: 540-231-1156
fax 540-231-8868
work 102 Brooks Forest Products Center (0503) 1650 Research Center Dr. Blacksburg VA 24061

Phone: 540-231-1156
Fax: 540-231-8868
102 Brooks Forest Products Center (0503)
Virginia Tech
1650 Research Center Dr.
Blacksburg,VA 24061


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Academic Background
B.S. - Korea University, 1997

M.S. - Korea University, 1999

Ph.D. - Clemson University, 2005
Areas of Expertise

Food Packaging
Development of Sustainable (rigid/flexible) Packaging
Analytical Packaging Chemistry
Parmaceutical/Nutraceutical Packaging
Smart Packaging (Quality indicator system)
Development of lab on a chip using Chemiluminescense
Sustainable Materials and Corrugated fiberboard packaging

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