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Meet our new students for the Spring Semester

April 19, 2017 –  


We are very happy to welcome three new graduate students to the department this semester.

Sailesh Adhikari

Sailesh Adhikari is a graduate student working towards his Ph.D. under the direction of Dr. Henry Quesada. He has completed a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering from the Institute of Engineering, Thapathali Engineering College in 2010. After that, he worked for Nepal Cylinder in a capacity of Quality Assurance Officer. Later on, he had joined Thapathali Engineering College as an Assistant Lecturer and was also involved partially in another Engineering College. To pursue higher education, he had chosen Eastern Illinois University and completed an M.S. in Sustainable Energy, M.S. Technology Management and Graduate certificate on the Quality system. He had worked as a summer intern in the capacity of Project Analyst at WWTP-Charleston IL. He is interested in working in the field of renewable energy especially in the field of Bio-fuel. He is also interested in LCA, Lean, Six Sigma, SPC, Continuous Improvements, and Supply chain management. Basically, he is more focused now on business with sustainability.



Paula Fallas Valverde

Paula graduated in Industrial Engineering from Costa Rica Institute of Technology. She is currently an MS candidate working on Lean Logistic implementation in the Wood Fiber Supply Chain under the direction of Dr. Henry Quesada. Her areas of interest include Lean Manufacturing, Quality Control, and Continuous Improvement.
Paula’s number one hobby is traveling. Since 2011, she has met her target of traveling to at least one foreign location a year and hopefully she will continue to do so.



Niloofar Yousefi-Shivyari

I graduated from the University of Tehran with a B.S in polymer engineering. My interest in biodegradable/natural polymers was the reason I did my M.S. in wood science at University of the Maine. I am currently pursuing a PhD in SBIO under the direction of Dr. Chip Frazier. My research interests are green polymers, and in general developing more environmentally friendly materials. My hobbies include hiking, yoga and pencil drawing.




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