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SBIO/Packaging teams made a big impact at the 2015 VT Majors fair

April 26, 2016 –  

By Loc Pham and Marlon Levy-Faigen, Packaging Systems Design
    SBIO/Packaging teams made a Big impact at the 2015 VT majors fair
    SBIO/Packaging teams made a Big impact at the 2015 VT majors fair

On Wednesday, September 30, Virginia Tech held its annual Majors Fair in the Squires Commonwealth Ballroom. There was a large attendance of primarily first year students exploring different majors.  The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials hosted two booths where many of these new prospective students were introduced to Sustainable Biomaterials and Packaging Systems and Design as a major or a minor. Several SBIO/Packaging faculty and many student volunteers worked at the booths garnering enthusiasm and interest for the department. The success of faculty and students working together to showcase our majors is one of the many regular campus activities to promote and grow our educational programs.  With more students choosing our majors to study and develop professionally, Sustainable Biomaterials and Packaging Systems and Design is becoming highly recognized at Virginia Tech and across the country (by Loc Pham and Marlon Levy-Faigen).


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