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VT SBIO/PackagIng students met with “Future scientist” during VT Science Fair

April 26, 2016 –  

By Jacob Stevens, Junior, Packaging Systems Design


VT sbIo/packaging students VT sbIo/packaging students are introducing how much the sustainable packaging system reduces the environmental impacts using “biodegradable packaging materials vs traditional plastics”

In the Fall of 2015 the Virginia science Festival hosted an event in Blacksburg at the moss performing Arts Center. At this event there were many booths set up to display various facets of science done in the Blacksburg area. This event was heavily attended by all ages, but was mainly geared towards K-12 students. Our Sustainable Biomaterials Department was fortunate enough to be included as part of this event, which served as a great way to spread the word about our department and to discuss important issues of sustainability in modern society. Once the event was underway, the hallways of the moss Arts Center began to become increasingly  filled with people of all ages. We met many people who had traveled from a different area with a high school class just to attend this event in Blacksburg. With so many people and such a large selection of different booths, we laid out a selection of  flyers, laser-engraved wood plaques, and small corrugated HokieBirds to provide our visitors with some information about the kinds of things we are studying in this department. however, the largest attractions that we offered at our booth were the free hot beverages from the Keurig, the corrugated HokieBird statue, and Dr. Kline’s “Wood magic show” where wooden strips would “come alive” when one side would swell with water while the other side remained dry.

The weather outside during this event was chilly and rainy, making hot-chocolate from the Keurig a big hit with kids and adults alike. This being said, we gave out hundreds of free hot beverages to our visitors, most of whom stuck around and learned about packaging technologies found in the K-cups and compostable drink cups, as well as about biomaterial technologies and programs. We were all very excited to share our respective knowledge with the visitors to our booth, and most visitors left knowing more than they did before about K-cups, biomaterials, wood, and how a Hokie Bird statue was made from corrugated.

Overall, this event was incredibly successful for our program. We had a very high volume of visitors who were interested in our studies, with many of them being high-school students. Our goals were to spread the word about our programs, spark the interest of prospective students, and to show that our department is very important in promoting a sustainable future.

I believe that we did this very successfully, but could not have done so without our dedicated faculty and students. I am very proud of our department and was incredibly excited to be involved with this event. Perhaps some of our visitors will join our department in the future and will  find themselves serving hot chocolate to more prospective SBIO Hokies!


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