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The 2016 Wood Enterprise Institute Entrepreneurial Scholarship Recipients

Oct. 4, 2016 –  

By Earl Kline


2016 WEI Entrepreneurial Scholarship Recipients 2016 WEI Entrepreneurial Scholarship Recipients (L-R): Jonathan Stutesman, Jalen Hill, Danitza Rodriguez, Landon Holbert, Steven Morrissette, Ethan Blye, William Bagby, Alex Keith.

The vision of the Wood Enterprise Institute (WEI) is to be recognized as a leading student learning environment for entrepreneurship.  To achieve this vision, the Virginia Tech College of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials and the Whitehurst family instituted the WEI Entrepreneurial Scholarship program in 2015.  This scholarship seeks exemplary students who will participate in leadership roles to collaboratively unleash their passion for innovation and creativity towards building a successful entrepreneurial experience.

The second year of the WEI Entrepreneurial scholarship has been awarded in May 2016.  This year’s scholarship group kicked off the Fall semester by holding a retreat at Mountain Lake to develop an action plan to help guide and mentor the WEI student business project for the 2016-17 academic year.  The scholarship recipients will also function as the Board of Directors for the Wood Enterprise Institute overseeing critical activities such as filling leadership roles, establishing milestones, and reviewing performance reports towards these milestones.  As happens in many businesses, the primary function of this year’s Board of Directors is to hold everyone accountable for meeting their performance expectations.  

The creation of the WEI Board of Directors through the Entrepreneurial Scholarship is another good example of allowing students to take ownership of putting their knowledge to work through greater experiential learning opportunities.  Many thanks goes to Mr. Brooks Whitehurst for his continued interest and support to see the WEI entrepreneurial experience grow and flourish.

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