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Hammett visits Katmandu, Nepal.


hammett viSitS Kathmandu, Nepal Tom hammett (far left) speaks about the need to include training and education needs in the discussion about climate change. Other panel members who joined Tom on the stage included the Environmental Officer from the local USAID Mission, the Dean of aFu, and international climate change specialists

March 18, 2015 – After a two year absence, Tom Hammett returned to Nepal in January. He held meetings with the us agency for international Development (USAID) and was busy making lots of good connections for Virginia Tech. He met with faculty and funding organizations to plan a teaching and learning workshop in April to be hosted by the Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU), the only land-grant university in Nepal. With Virginia Tech’s partners he developed a training strategy to help USAID funded projects in Nepal develop capacity on the ground. In spite of the power cuts (“load shedding”) and a nationwide transport strike he managed to also squeeze in meetings with NGOs, private sector partners, and a new private agriculture college. The transport strike meant a day-long blockage of all vehicle traffic. So Tom walked to his meetings – it was a nice quiet way to see different parts of Kathmandu city!

He also attended an international conference on climate change attended by over three hundred people from nearly 30 countries. This was a great opportunity to pick up knowledge of the current thinking on climate change. of special interest was the focus on economic development. at the conference he presented an invited paper entitles “Building capacity to meet climate change and resilient livelihood challenges: education and training are the missing link”, and he participated on a blue ribbon panel and chaired a session on incorporating research on gender and enterprise development into adaptation to climate change.

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