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Hindman speaks on construction safety in India

May 27, 2015 –  

By Daniel Hindman

On march 21 and 22, the Initiative for Construction Safety Awareness (ICONSA) conference was held in New Delhi, India. ICONSA was a collaboration between Virginia Tech and the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur. From Virginia Tech, Drs. Daniel Hindman and Thom Mills spoke at the conference, accompanied by Dr. Sudhir Misra of IIT-Kanpur.

Hindman speaks on construction safety in India Hindman speaks on construction safety in India



Daniel Hindman, left, and Thom Mills in front of the Red Fort Complex in Delhi, India. Daniel Hindman, left, and Thom Mills in front of the Red Fort Complex in Delhi, India.

A variety of construction safety topics were covered including a comparison of construction safety practices in the United States and India. One of the startling differences was that there is no national service in India to collect information on construction injuries and fatalities, which prevents safety experts and researchers from focusing on industry-specific topics.
The center for Innovation in Construction Safety, Health and Well-being (IC-SAFE) has a mission to improve construction workers safety, health and well-being by improving, connecting and integrating industry education and research. The collaboration of ICONSA spawned several future ideas including a graduate student from IIT Kanpur working at Virginia Tech this summer, and the development of an International Journal of Construction Safety associated with Springer.


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