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First information session as a hit!

Oct. 22, 2015 –  

By Megan Stallings, senior, Packaging

SBIO tent at Gobblerfest SBIO tent at Gobblerfest

The SBIO and Packaging student recruiting teams under the guidance of SBIO EMC concluded the first portion of the fall new student recruitment with a joint interest session for the sustainable biomaterials and packaging programs. they held a cookout and attended Gobblerfest during the previous week where they were able to reach out to students and advertise the interest session.

It was a big hit among primarily freshman stu- dents. there were about 15 students in attendance. the interests of students ranged from “I don’t know” to double major in architecture and sustainable biomaterials.  

Catherine Jucha, president of the society of renewable resources club, spoke on behalf of the sustainable biomaterials programs and opportunities. Megan Stallings, senior in packaging, spoke on behalf of the packaging program, club, and opportunities after graduation. 

The students seemed very interested in sustainability and eager to learn more about the programs. The hands-on learning opportunities that the program offers truly appeal to students. 

Interest sessions such as this give students not only an opportunity to learn more about the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, but they provide a time to network and build lasting relationships. Both Sustainable Biomaterials and Packaging will be organizing interest sessions later in the semester.



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