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Entrepreneurial Scholarship established

Oct. 22, 2015 –  

By Earl Kline


Entrepreneurial Scholarship Established Entrepreneurial Scholarship recipients (left to right): Dayna Reynolds, Frank Gerloff, Bridget Acland, Wendell Foster, Gloria Alvarez, Trey Good, Carly Harding.

This past Spring Semester, the College of Natural Resources & Environment, the Wood Enterprise Institute (WEI) and the Whitehurst family established the Wood enterprise Institute Entrepreneurial Scholarship program. A $500 scholarship stipend is offered to each student to recognize exemplary students who participate in leadership roles to collaboratively unleash their passion for innovation and creativity towards building a successful entrepreneurial experience. The scholarship seeks up to 8 students each year to lead the development of WEI projects and to mentor students involved in project activities.
The first seven recipients of the Entrepreneurial Scholarship have been selected for the 2015 Fall Semester to unleash their passion for building a successful entrepreneurial experience. Their first experience began during the first weekend of the semester with an intensive problem solving and team building retreat at Mountain Lake, Virginia. The retreat introduced a rigorous problem solving technique that teaches how to address challenges through coaching and teamwork. The students will apply what they’ve learned towards this year’s WEI business projects.



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