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Quesada delivers Lean Management industry training in Dominican Republic

Oct. 20, 2015 –  

By Henry Quesada


Quesada delivers learn management industry  training Participants in the Lean Management training develop a Value Stream Map as part of the activities of this short course.

From June 25-26, 2015; Dr. Henry Quesada, associate professor at the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials taught a short course on Lean Management. The short course was organized by a local organization called INTRAS that provides training to companies in Dominican Republic in business and operation management topics.

This is the third time Dr. Quesada has traveled to this country to teach this short course. In this opportunity, a total of 34 people attended the two-day short course from financial, logistics, and manufacturing industry sectors. The short-course has mostly based on hands-on activities where participants designed and per- formed various simulation activities to capture and analyzed process data. this approach was fundamental to help participants to under- stand the impact of the different productivity tools under the umbrella of lean management.

Dr. Quesada has been involved in lean management research and training since 1998. He has trained thousands of people on the topic in the USA and other countries. If your organization is interested in conducting a similar training for your associates, please contact Dr. Henry Quesada at for more details. We will be happy to assist you.



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