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Edgar serves on internationaL PhD committee

By Kevin Edgar

professors antoni planas, left, and Kevin edgar. Professors Antoni Planas, left, and Kevin Edgar.

Oct. 20, 2015 – Prof. Kevin Edgar recently returned from Barcelona, Spain where he served on the PhD final orals committee for a former visiting scholar in his group, Victoria Codera. Victoria spent approximately 6 months in the Edgar group during 2013-2014 studying combing chemical and enzymatic methods for preparing polysaccharides in which the sequence of the monosaccharide building blocks is precisely specified. Not only is this an extremely difficult problem in the construction of complex, renewable polysaccharides like those from nature, but it is virtually impossible to do even in the preparation of synthetic polymers.

The work resulting from this collaboration between the Edgar group and that of professor Antoni Planas, of the institute of Chemical Sciences (IQS) in Barcelona, was largely carried out by (now Dr.) Codera in both Blacksburg and Barcelona, and is the subject of a current manuscript submission. Edgar also delivered a lecture on current work in his group to faculty and students at IQS in Barcelona, en- titled “selectivity in polysaccharide chemistry: Regio- and Chemoselective preparation of Bioactive Polysaccharide Derivatives.”



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