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Aspects of Wood Biodeterioration and Bioconversion

Oct. 20, 2015 –  

By Barry Goodell


Aspects of wood biodeterioration Professor Barry Goodell holds a bicycle made from bamboo by students at École Nationale Supérieure des Technologies et Industries du Bois in Épinal, Cedex, France. Behind him are several other student projects made using hybrid composite materials, but featuring lignocellulose as the core material.

The Université de Lorraine and the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) hosted professor Barry Goodell for several weeks in May and June of this year. Goodell gave seminars on several aspects of wood biodeterioration and bioconversion, Goodell met with faculty, staff and students to discuss collaborative research and student exchange activities. In addition to meetings and lectures in both Nancy (ULorraine) and Ecologie et ecophysiologie forestières in champenoux, france, Goodell also travelled to the École nationale supérieure des technologies et industries du Bois in Épinal cedex, france to give a seminar, and was kindly hosted on that visit by professor philippe Gérardin of ulorraine. As part of the visit, Goodell traveled to meet with professor Christophe Bertsch, Directeur, Laboratoire Vigne Biotechnologies et Environnement at the Université de Haute-Alsace in Colmar, France to give a presentation, and learn about a devastating fungal decay disease of grape vine stock in France that now kills as much as 30% of the vine stock each year.

Professor Goodell is indebted to professor Dr. Eric Gelhaye, Université de Lorraine and Inra, and his unit interactions Arbres/Micro-Organismes for an excellent experience in Nancy, Champenoux and the surrounding area, and for organizing and sponsoring Goodell’s travel to France as a visiting Professor.



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