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Visiting Scientists working with Goodell’s Research Group

March 18, 2014 – By Barry Goodell
The Sustainable Biomaterials Department welcomes Dr. Tomonori Sonoki from Hirosaki University in Japan to Professor Barry Goodell’s research group. Dr. Sonoki joins two other visiting scientists currently on sabbatical stay with Dr. Goodell, Dr. Yuichiro Otsuka from the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute in Tsukuba, Japan, and Dr. Omar Uyarte Noriega from the University of São Paulo in Lorena, Brazil. 

Dr. Sonoki will be exploring new methods to utilize waste lignin residues using a unique microbial process that utilizes lignin as a feedstock to produce platform chemicals that can be polymerized into bio-based polymers. Dr. Otsuka is already working on a related project in Goodell’s lab, and the next goal is to engineer the organism to produce a new platform chemical that can be synthesized into plastics like Nylon 6,6 and PET . Dr. Uyarte Noriega is working on a variety of projects focused on enhanced methods to deconstruct woody biomass related to bioproducts and biofuels generation. 


Visiting Scientists The Department welcomes three visiting scientists to Barry Goodell’s lab in the ICTAS II Building on campus. From left: Mr. Atanur Satir, MS student working on the incorporation of carbon nanotubes from wood, into steel. Professor Barry Goodell. Ms. Alison (Yun) Qian, PhD student working on the biosynthesis of unique platform chemicals from lignin. Mr. Lam Thieu, PhD student working on the synthesis of polymers from bio-based monomers. Dr. Yuichiro Otsuka - Japan. Dr. Tomonori Sonoki- Japan. Dr. Omar Uyarte Noriega - Brazil. Ms. Yiming Zhang, MS student working on the incorporation of cellulose nanomaterials into aerospace composites, and Mrs. Lourdes Orejuela, PhD student (and visiting Professor from Quito, Ecuador), working on novel techiques for the deconstruction of lignocellulose biomass.



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