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Graduate Students Completion

Nov. 7, 2014 – By Bob Smith

The following graduate students completed their degree requirements this past year.

  • Mohamadzadeh, Milad.
    Title: Analysis of Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Assemblies under Out-of-Plane Loads. MS.
    Advisor – Dr. Dan Hindman.
  • Brenes Angulo, Oxana Maria.
    Title: The Impact of Vacuum- Drying on Efficiency of Hardwood Products Manufacturing. MS.
    Advisor – Dr. Brian Bond.
  • Brenes Bastos, Melissa.
    Title: Assessing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Use in Marketing Applications: A Case of Study in the Wood Products Industry. MS.
    Advisor – Dr. Henry Quesada.
  • Arias Blanco, Edgar.
    Title: Exports of U.S. Hardwood Products: Increasing Performance in Asia and Western Europe. PhD.
    Advisor – Dr. Henry Quesada.
  • Tasooji, Mohammad.
    Title: Novel Liquid extraction method for detecting Native-wood Formaldehyde. MS.
    Advisor – Dr. Chip Frazier.
  • Andersch, Adrienn.
    Title: Lean Implementation and the Role of Lean Accounting in the Transportation Equipment Manufacturing Industry. PhD.
    Advisor – Dr. Urs Buehlmann.


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