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CPULD Tours Facilities in Salem

Nov. 7, 2014 – By John Bouldin


CPULD tours facilities in Salem CPULD staff at the Elizabeth Arden global distribution center. Standing from left to right: Zack Shiner, Steven Brown, Carter Hadley, Joe Dietrich, Matt Shiller, Erica Roesel, and Dr. Bouldin. Kneeling: Matt Baker and Kopi Magyar.

The Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design sponsors several student interns each year. These students are selected based on their leadership potential for the industry and learn research methods for testing packages and unit loads through hands-on participation in the lab. In addition, the students earn ISTA certification and learn the specifics of how packaging affects global commerce and sustainability. In June of 2014 the staff of the CPULD took a field trip to visit two design/warehouse/ distribution facilities in Salem, Virginia. Executives from Elizabeth Arden and Packaging Corporation of America presented lectures on the importance of packaging to individual businesses and to the economy at large, and guided the group through their warehouse and distribution centers. These firms not only hire VT students for their in-house internship programs, but actively recruit graduates from the VT Packaging Science program for full time employment. During these tours, the students learned about plant safety, material flow optimization, the design of corrugated packaging, and the management systems and technology necessary to operate a global distribution center. The students were fascinated to see how their internship experience and the testing methods learned in the laboratory relate to actual practices in the field.


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