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Keynote Presentations by Barry Goodell in Georgia, Japan, and Korea


Opening Session Speakers and Organizers of the BioCOMP 2012 Meetings. Opening Session Speakers and Organizers of the BioCOMP 2012 Meetings. Shizuoka, Japan. November 28, 2012. Ceremonial Opening of the Sake Cask (Goodell second from right.)

Feb. 15, 2013 – Professor Barry Goodell gave a keynote talk at the 2nd Biennial International Conference on Processing Technologies for the Biobased Products Industries at St. Simons, Georgia in early November 2012. His talk was given in cooperation with the Society of Wood Science and Technology on the topic: The Redesign of Wood Science & Technology Academic Programs in America:The Changing Landscape of Forest Products- Sustainable Biomaterials-Renewable Materials Education. The PPT slides from that talk can be viewed here:

He also chaired a session on “Industrial Processes” at the “Frontiers in Biorefining - Chemicals and Products from Renewable Carbon” meetings also held in St. Simons, Georgia. Additionally, Goodell travelled to 4 sites, two in Japan (Shizuoka and Tokyo) and two in Korea (Gwangju and Seoul) at the end of November and early December 2012. In Japan, Dr. Goodell gave a Keynote talk at the BioCOMP 2012 meetings and he also participated in ceremonial meetings including meetings with the Governor of the Shizuoka Prefecture and the Opening of the Ceremonial Sake Cask as part of the reception and dinner. There was much interest in the changes that were occurring in wood science to sustainable/renewable materials emphases in programs across the US and Canada. Goodell renewed contacts with long-time colleagues and was introduced to several young scientists who have interest in collaborating with Virginia Tech researchers. Several potential graduate students also met with Goodell.



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