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VT-Packaging in Gobblerfest 2013

Oct. 2, 2013 – by Catherine Jucha

On September 6, Virginia Tech’s Packaging student club joined the 2013 Gobblerfest to promote student activities and the VT-packaging program. With strong financial support from the SBIO department, Catherine Jucha, who was hired as a student worker under the guidance of Dr. Young Kim and Dr. Laszlo Horvath and is currently considering a transfer to the packaging program from another college, primarily organized this event along with 10 other active VT-Packaging student club members. Through this event, she and club members interacted with the entire Virginia Tech family and experienced many positive things. It was also a great chance for the students to be united as well as to learn teamwork. As a student worker and member of the student club, Catherine shared what she felt during this event below (by Dr. Kim and Dr. Horvath); “This year’s Gobblerfest was the perfect opportunity for the enthusiasm of students in the Packaging Science program to transmit to their fellow undergraduates in various other disciplines.


Students SBIO at Gobblerfest 2013 Students SBIO at Gobblerfest 2013

 Gobblerfest, an annual festival held on the Virginia Tech Drillfield, allows all students interested in getting involved in the numerous academic programs and clubs that the university has to offer. At Gobblerfest, the Packaging Science table this year was extremely successful in introducing undergraduate students to the many faces of the program. I am one of the students that was introduced and immediately intrigued with the Packaging Science program in Sustainable Biomaterials.

As a sophomore in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, I came to the realization that I really had a passion for packaging and that it was time to transfer into the program! My experience at the packaging table was truly so enjoyable and exciting! I was able to interact with other students already in the program along with some in university studies as well! 


Students SBIO at Gobblerfest 2013 Students SBIO at Gobblerfest 2013

Hundreds of students visited the table and were able to learn and hear what the program has to offer while sipping on some ice cold Gatorade provided by the packaging table. Also, visiting students were even able to be introduced and interact with the packaging professors. A free furniture raffle was offered as well. Overall, the Packaging table at Gobblerfest gave Virginia Tech students the rare opportunity to get a glimpse into the inner workings and aspects of packaging that make it a $420 billion industry. “



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