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EP 13168572.9 Filed by University of Freiburg, Germany


Wolfgang Glasser (L) and his third-generation protégé, Danny Garcia-Marrero. Wolfgang Glasser (L) and his third-generation protégé, Danny Garcia-Marrero.

Aug. 12, 2013 – The University of Freiburg, Germany, recently filed a (European) patent on hydroxypropylated condensed tannin derivatives that is based on work done by PhDcandidate Danny Garcia-Marrero under the supervision of Wolfgang Glasser, Prof. emerit.(2001) of Virginia Tech and Prof. Marie-Pierre Laborie (VT-Wood Science ’02 under the supervision of Prof. C. E. Frazier). Prof. Antonio Pizzi (U’ Nancy, France) is listed as fourth member of the inventorteam. The novel tannin composition involves the chemical modification of abundant pine bark extracts that helps control the cure properties of tannin in phenolic resins in a predictable manner. The work represents a continuation of many years of research on tannin chemistry (Garcia-Marrero and Pizzi), adhesion science (Laborie) and bioplolymer (especially lignin) modification (Glasser). The research project was started when Glasser was visiting Professor at the University of Freiburg in 2012. Garcia-Marrero and Glasser were featured as great-grand father-son team in the latest issue of the CNRE (Spring 2013) College magazine. The work has also resulted in so far two publications.



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