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“Scieneering” Students Complete a Successful Summer of Research


Students doing Summer of Research Virginia Tech undergraduate students Beck Giesy (left), and Veronica Kimmerly “forge welding” steel strips to learn more about how carbonized wood fiber might be incorporated into the steel. This portion of the work was performed in the campus’ Kroehling Foundry as part of a summer “Scieneering” experience.

Nov. 12, 2013 – Virginia Tech sponsors a very successful program each year to teach undergraduates more about research in a program known as “Scieneering”. This summer, two high ranking Virginia Tech students, Beck Geisy and Veronica Kimmerly, worked with Professors Barry Goodell, Scott Renneckar (Sustainable Biomaterials Department) in collaboration with Dr. Alan Drushitz (Materials Science and Engineering Department and Director of the VT Kroehling Foundry on campus). Beck and Veronica conducted research on ways to produce carbon nanotubes from wood fiber and attempted to incorporate carbonized wood fiber into steel. They had some great success in getting carbonized wood fiber to persist at temperatures up to 850 degrees centigrade. Further they have clear evidence that some of the carbon from the wood was incorporated into the steel. More work will be needed before carbon nanotubes are actually produced in the steel but the two undergraduate students learned a lot, and they helped to make the summer a productive education and research time in the SBIO department.



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