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Hello from the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials:

The first week of classes is always exciting on campus. Although we can no longer find a place to park our cars, the students bring their youthful enthusiasm to campus that makes working at a university so special. We are excited about the changes occurring in the department and the next time I write I should be able to officially say we have two new degree programs, Sustainable Biomaterials and Packaging Science. We are only waiting for SCHEV approval and that hopefully will occur this fall. Our student population has grown to over eighty students, with almost forty in our new Packaging Science program. We also have ten new graduate students entering for the fall, which brings our graduate population to over forty students including those that are in the Macromolecular program. We placed just about all of our graduating students last spring, which continues to demonstrate a strong demand for our programs. 

Faculty Members Sustainable Biomaterials Department of Sustainable Biomaterials Faculty

Sept. 12, 2013 – Our faculty met this August to plan for the upcoming year. We spent the morning having each faculty member describe their programming efforts, including teaching and research. It always amazes me the breadth of our research program. We have faculty working with cellulose derivatives to make bones heal faster or replace bones, testing new cross laminated beams to open new markets for wood, and trying to improve steel’s performance by implanting cellulose nano-tubes. The afternoon session was spent establishing some clear goals to work on for the year. My old business training has me a strong believer in Management by Objectives (MBO). 

In this issue you will learn about “scieneering” from Barry Goodell, we had some great student interns working in our engineering and packaging laboratories for the summer, Professor Emeritus Wolfgang Glasser continues to mentor students across the Atlantic, we had numerous visitors to the Department this summer, and Dr. Henry Quesada is finishing up an international marketing project that recently brought him to China. We have also added something new that will become a regular feature of the newsletter, the highlights of our department’s extension program. We are committed to our land grant mission and our extension specialists in the department are leaders in their wood products and biomaterials programs. We are excited about a new academic year and if you are close to campus, please stop in. If you have any questions regarding anything in the newsletter or about our programs, please feel free to contact me.

Bob Smith
Department Head
(540) 231-7679



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