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Richmond Expo 2012

June 25, 2012 – The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials was well represented at the “Richmond Expo 2012” in May; billed as America’s leading trade show for the forest products industry. Representatives from the Center for Forest Products Business and from the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design joined with the Department and the College to spread the word about our programs at Virginia Tech. The Expo was well attended (double the 2010 attendance) and VT students and faculty had some great discussion with attendees and other vendors as part of the event.


Richmond Expo 2012 Drs. Brian Bond, Barry Goodell, Laszlo Horvath, Henry Quesada Pineda (on left, behind table) and Bob Smith (in center, behind table) attended the expo with students Jason Hoepker (on right, behind table), Rosemary Masser, Zach Shiner who did a great job of representing the Department and the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design as well.


Bond, Quesada, Earl Kline and Urs Buehlmann and Adrienn Andersch from the department also presented an Educational Session: “Maintaining a Sustainable Business in Today’s Market” ahead of the Expo to help participants focus on how to maintain a sustainable business in today’s challenging markets.



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