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Positioning the College of Natural Resources and Environment for the Future

June 28, 2012 – The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials is one of four Departments within the College of Natural Resources and Environment (CNRE). As part of our College’s evolution the leadership under Dean Paul Winistorfer have developed the following statements to define the College and where we head in the future. The vision for the future of the College is broad, and the Department of Sustainable Biomaterials fits well into this vision.

Advancing the Science of Sustainability

The College of Natural Resources and Environment prepares the future generation of leaders to address the complex natural resources issues facing our planet. World-class faculty lead transformational research that complements the student learning experience and impacts citizens and communities across the state and around the world on issues of sustainability, natural resources management, and the environment.

Learning – Students Inventing a Sustainable Future

The College of Natural Resources and Environment is nationally and internationally recognized for its undergraduate and graduate education. Programs focus on managing natural resources and preserving the diversity of Earth’s physical and cultural environments. The college’s world-class faculty is dedicated to mentoring students through experiential learning toward the development of sustainable solutions to society’s natural resources-related problems.

Discovery – Research for Environmental Sustainability

The College of Natural Resources and Environment is a global leader in transformational research impacting environmental sustainability. World-class faculty lead interdisciplinary teams that utilize the latest technologies to explore, investigate, and create solutions for the natural resources and environmental problems facing the world. This research creates the knowledge that future generations can build upon to help develop solutions to the world’s complex environmental issues.

Engagement –Partnering for Sustainable Solutions

The College of Natural Resources and Environment’s engagement program partners with landowners and communities to provide science-based solutions to natural resources and environmental issues facing the world. Its goal is to improve the lives of the citizens of Virginia and beyond by providing information to make better decisions to sustainably manage and utilize natural resources.




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