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Traveling to the 2012 ICPF Teleconference

April 9, 2012 – By Nick D’Amico, Tyler Matusevich and Packaging faculty Two packaging students (Nick D’Amico and Tyler Matusevich) were selected by ICPF to participate at the broadcast site in East Lansing during the 13th annual ICPF Careers in Corrugated Packaging & Display Teleconference that was held February 22, 2012. The ICPF award included the student’s participation as guest speakers in the ICPF reception party, dinner and they also attended several meetings with Teleconference industry speakers. This exceptional opportunity was offered to the VT-Pacckaging program in the Department by the ICPF because of the long-term close relationship between the department of sustainable biomaterials (SBIO) and ICPF. Previously, ICPF donated several pieces of equipment to the VT-Packaging program housed in the SBIO. That equipment includes a CAD table for corrugated board and other analytical testing tools. The following letters written by these students demonstrates what they learned from this trip:

Letter from Nick D’Amico (Senior in Packaging, Williamsburg, VA);

Last month I took a flight to Lansing Michigan to attend a teleconference. It only sounds silly when I phrase it like that, I promise.
Tyler Matusevich and I were selected to represent Virginia Tech at the ICPF Teleconference this February. ICPF stands for the International Corrugated Packaging Federation, an organization that exists to connect students and employers in the corrugated packaging industry. This was a tremendous opportunity for the both of us.
In order to be selected, Tyler and I wrote letters to ICPF expressing how we felt the conference would benefit us. With recommendations from Dr. Young Teck Kim, we were selected to fly out to the broadcast site at Michigan State University. ICPF would cover the airfare and hotel accommodations. On the first night, we met with representatives from the participating companies and students from other packaging schools around the country. ICPF provided a dinner where students could talk to the industry professionals. I spoke with an HR representative who gave me interviewing tips and with a small business owner who designs end-aisle displays and movie poster stand-ups. I even talked with an MSU professor about our program. I may have collected enough business cards to fill one of my old Pokémon binders. After the dinner we went downtown to network with the other packaging students.

The next day we had breakfast with ICPF and toured the MSU facilities. I was happy to see so many familiar pieces of equipment. Although our packaging program is fairly new, we have access to a lot of the same resources that the MSU students are using.
The conference was very informative, though the students who watched it from Virginia Tech can vouch for that. I’d like to mention how impressive the broadcast room in Cheatham Hall looked on the big screen at MSU. Our school was well represented.
The biggest part was not so much the conference itself, but the networking opportunities provided by attending in person. Richard Flaherty, president of ICPF, took us to dinner where we discussed our careers. He suggested that we create accounts on ICPF’s career portal, Since the conference, Richard has informed me that he will be using my résumé as an example of what employers can find on the site. His involvement in my career search has been invaluable, as was the entire experience.
-Nick D’Amico  

Letter from Tyler Matusevich (Junior in Packaging, Blacksburg, VA):

Going to the ICPF Teleconference held on Michigan State’s campus was a wonderful experience. The first night I arrived in East Lansing, a group dinner was held with speakers of the teleconference. This included a lot of “big wig” industry leaders such as presidents, vice presidents, CEO’s, and more of a wide spectrum of the corrugated packaging industry. Getting to talk to these leaders about job opportunities and salaries was a fulfilling experience and it helped me decide what I want to do for a career. The next day the teleconference was held and I thought it went very well. There was a lot to be learned about the corrugated industry. I definitely recommend sending students from other packaging schools to attend the teleconference in person.
-Tyler Matusevich



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